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New Patients

We understand the importance of a relationship built on respect and understanding and make it our first priority to become acquainted with you. Knowing you as a person will help us better understand how to help you as a patient while taking into consideration everything that is important to you.
Once we are both clear on what your personal oral health goals are we can begin working together toward the smiling results of our combined efforts. We will examine your mouth and determine the best options for moving forward as they relate to your person needs as a patient.
Diagnosis will involve identifying the current conditions of your mouth, the best procedures for addressing them, and whether or not the examination requires additional analysis such as x-rays, making plaster models of your teeth, or performing diagnostic tests.
We are looking forward to getting to know you and more importantly, we are eager to assist in achieving the oral health you deserve. Call today for a consultation, we have dental professionals available to speak with you.