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 Intra Oral Camera

As you step into our practice, you will notice that we use a wide variety of high technology items. One of which is the Intra Oral Camera. This camera allows us to show you the patient, things in your mouth that you would not be able to see otherwise.

You will notice when stepping into our practice that we use an array of high technology components, one of which is an Intra Oral Camera.  It affords us the ability to show you, the patient, what normally would not be seen otherwise such as large mercury fillings, leaking margins of old fillings and crowns, fractures in teeth and fillings, areas of concern on the tissue in the mouth, the tongue, and palate.

Every aspect of your mouth becomes extremely magnified with the Oral Camera and results in a large photo of the area of concern.  The digital photo is the forecast which best reveals what needs to be done in your mouth and why.  It is important to us to provide you with the best possible information on available treatment and procedures as they fit with your personal needs.